You bring your idea, untapped potentials and whatever you aspire to accomplish, and Startup Soar will provide a platform for you to network, learn and grow your business.


Startup Soar is a large community of professionals and mentors, coupled with our monthly programs and cutting edge business tools to help you take your business to the next level.


The ultimate goal of Startup Soar is to help startups and SMEs build a successful, thriving, competitive and long-lasting business.

How We Can Help You

Start Your Dream Business (SYDB)

Are you thinking of starting a new business? How applicable is your business idea? As an entrepreneurial community, we help you Bridge the gap between your brilliant business ideas and creating products or services that customers want and need.

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Grow Your Business Quickly (GYBQ)

We know that every leader is concerned about the proper management, growth, and profitability of their business. How can founders and leaders find opportunities to grow and succeed in the competitive environment?

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Scale Your Business Successfully (SYBS)

How do you know when your company is ready to scale? Do you have systems and structures that would ensure your business scale? We offer practical consulting techniques that enable our clients to transform their strategies, processes and people. 

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Experience our Monthly Program

Tackling Business Challenges

Tackling Business Challenges is a thought provoking discussions focusing on failed, struggling and surviving businesses for entrepreneurs who are starting, growing or expanding their businesses.

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Thriving Business Talk

Thriving Business Talk involves a brief interview with leaders in various spheres of influences. They will reveal how they have built sustainable and successful businesses in today’s competitive world.

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Join Soar Community

During Startup Soar monthly events, participants are divided into Special Interest Groups as described below. Each participant is given the opportunity to identify their business challenges…

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