Soar Recruitment Services

We offer recruitment services across all sectors, from NGOs to public and private organizations, from fresh graduates to executive positions. Before we commence the recruitment process, we take the time to understand your business goals and needs to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidates for your company. Our services comprise the following:

  • Recruitment Service. We provide our clients with cost-effective recruitment services by recruiting the best candidates who align with your organizational culture and vision and are committed to achieving corporate goals.
  • Empowering Your Employee for Success. We offer rich and innovative in-person and online training solutions that help individuals and organizations thrive in any economy. Each of our training programs comprises a presentation, an interactive session, exercises, and worksheets for participants to apply the lessons learned.
  • Building Workplace Success. We have a tool called Workplace Employee Experience Assessment. WEEA is designed to help companies create a positive work environment where employees enjoy their work, feel good about coming to work daily, and are committed to delivering value that exceeds customer expectations and achieves organizational goals.

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